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MY BLUG 2012 review - Part one

Werner Motzet  April 1 2012 10:42:09 AM
As on 16th of November I left the the "yellowbleeded World" and work now for a MS-minded Company I did not plan to visit BLUG 2012.
On 16th of Februar I got some tweets:
Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part one
Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part one
And after two days I decided to fly to Duesseldorf and get be transferred to Antwerp by Ulrich.

So I stopped working on Wednesday 21th of March at 3pm to drive to Nurenberg Airport. With LH 2793 I arrived after a very fast fligth at DUS at 5:45 pm. We, Sarah, Ulrich and I, started to drive to Antwerp. We had a little bit bad luck, as we had to pass Mönchengladbach and there was a semi final german soccer and the highway was blocked by a traffic jam. So we arrived a little bit late at Crown Plaza:

After a very nice evening at the hotel bar, we had a very good night.

Next morning we did the registration and got a yellow bag with many nice giveaways:
Image:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part oneImage:MY BLUG 2012 review - Part one

Part two you will find here

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