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The real ILUG2010 story - Part 2

Werner Motzet  November 14 2010 06:24:43 PM
Journey to ILUG2010 in Belfast

The plan was easy but reality is sometimes different:
Mo Nov. 8th: Packing the luggage -
Thu Nov. 9th: Standup early 4 am - drive to Airport MUC - check in 6 am - flight to LHR - meet Ulrich (eknori) and other speakers and attendees and flight to Belfast ...

Now the reality:
Stand up at 3:30 am - created a "last breakfast"  - 4 am drive to MUC - no cars only some trucks - but near by Ingolstadt the wheel has crashed - how to continue the journey to MUC? Did a repair of the fellow with a hammer. Then tested the pressure of the wheel every 30 km. Arrived at 5:19 am at P41 on MUC - waiting for the transferbus - check in at 6 am. Get the Info how to come from LHR Terminal 5 to Terminal 1:

Now is everything OK again.
Very nice at MUC is a free WiFi so I can chat with my family an twitter so I know Ulrich is also on the way to ILUG.

Fligth to LHR is in time. Transfer to Terminal 1 works well. BUT baggage check is a horror. After 40 minutes I can go the next step and meet Ulrich, Theo, Rene and Christian.
In the plain we meet also Gabriella, Kathy Chris and Rob Novak. Rob (the "LotusRockStar") is sitting next to me. We had a very nice and interessting conversation.
Landing was hard. Ulrich, Theo, Rene and I took a taxi to "Ramada Swan".

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