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    Social Business - how to understand it

    Werner Motzet  Februar 27 2011 09:20:36 AM

    Interview at Lotusphere 2011 with Luis Suarez, Social Computing Evangelist  (@elsua) talks about his life outside the email inbox, how he educates his peers and customers and how to respond to customer concerns around working with and without emails.

    The two most importend sentence (for me) are (at the end of the interview):
    •  ...for the last two ore three years we have been perhaps to much "tooldriven", we ar now going much more "businessdriven" (8:27)
    • "My suspicion is that by 2012 we will be stop talking about all this social stuff and will just call it work." (8:33)

    The two most importend sentence (for me) are:
    • "Beeing patient, patient patient."
    • And "beeing your self"

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